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Chat with Annabel


Annabel is a friend when you're bored, a companion when you need someone to talk to. She Speaks English, you can learn from her if you do not speak English.
Chatting games like Chat with Annabel allows you to meet a smart bot like Annabel. She is a young female AI Bot who believes that she is human.
Sometimes flirty, sometimes shy, and sometimes just a little bit eccentric. Discover her character by chatting with her.
Like those typical messaging apps, and chatterbots, just send your message through a chat box and Annabel will respond fast.
She loves to chat with new people online. Enjoy chatting with Annabel any time you want as long as you wish.
- Go online chatting any time you like and Annabel will be there as long as you wish.- Artificial Intelligence.- Tell her your name and she will remember.- Share your conversations with friendsAnd more...